Choose the most sociable online game

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to play online games. First and foremost, it’s about being entertained and having fun. There’s no point playing a game that isn’t fun, after all. Then there’s the choice of whether you want to play a game that involves real money. If you do, your choice becomes a little narrower – but there is still a wide variety of online games that can be played for cash. If you like the excitement of playing with cash, but don’t really want to encounter any real financial risk, then a game like bingo is a sensible choice.

Bingo’s a game that has always been cheap to play; ever since the first patented version of bingo appeared in the late 1930s in the US, it was always only a few cents to take part. And now that the game is available online at so many different sites, that still holds true. It only costs a few pence/cents to play a game of bingo online, regardless of the fact that some of the jackpots can be worth thousands. If you you’ll see that there is a range of priced games to play as well as plenty of free games included on the schedule.

If you play bingo online you get so much more value for money than if you play casino games like slots, roulette or blackjack, where the minimum bet may be low, but some of the games can be over before you’ve had time to blink! You tend to spend far more if you play casino than if you play bingo.

But one reason that so many people choose to play bingo online is that there’s a big social side to the game. Unlike the land-based version, where chat among players is positively discouraged as everyone has to concentrate on the number calls so they can mark matching numbers on their cards, in the online game, there’s a feature that automatically daubs the numbers for you. That leaves you free to watch the progress of the game and to enter the bingo chat rooms where you can meet with and talk to other players involved in the same game.

While in the bingo chat rooms you can meet people from all different walks of life, and if you hit it off with a particular player, there’s always the option to private message them instead of sharing a conversation with the whole room. Mainly, though, the fun’s in being in the room and taking part in whatever is being discussed, as well as joining in the chat games that the moderator will run. Chat games give you an extra chance to win prizes – be it small cash amounts or free entries to other bingo games on the site’s schedule.

Bingo’s a game that has it all – the chance for players to win big even though the stake is small, something that’s easy and fun to play, and where the result is totally down to chance, as well as being a social outlet. It’s no wonder that more than to play!

Best Online Casino Australia to Bring Luck

The best online casino Australia is definitely one that can provide great reviews and better information about the ongoing gambling activity in and around the city as well as on the internet. Where casinos are out to fleece the general public, there have also been instances where the players have tried to cheat or hack into accounts. But that being said, the best online casino Australia can only help the common Australian folk so much that they can have a good time and not fall into traps or unregistered online cheats. The online pokie and gambling sites which are available to the lay Australian try to make sure that they get the best value for money and try to create a semblance of complacency where the person does not have to travel or spend lots of money to avail these luxuries.

Brilliant promotion offers and bonuses are also available which make it even lucrative for the customer when he wants to play these casino games from within the comfort of his home and on a mobile or a tablet. With over three hundred kinds of pokie variations, the Australian public has a great segment of gambling to choose from. The best Australian online casinos have made it easiest  to make most money and feel most comfortable with paying and withdrawing money by making the payment patterns appropriate for the public. This is done through the use of Poli by NETELLER and similar payment variations which allow the player to play with Australian Dollars (AUD).

The best online casino in Australia – Casumo casino show reviews in which the various online websites which deal with Australian gambling and rate them on the basis of their bonuses and promotion. These also include how great the graphics and sounds are. The real time interaction part of it also becomes important since a stable internet connection is now available to almost everyone on the phones and tablets. These casinos have also listed the bonuses that they offer beginning from AUD $50 to AUD $1500. These bonuses can be used when they are given a first deposit and they work as a sign up or welcome bonuses.

Thus, it is also important to know that the Australian public being so engrossed in this form of play enjoys even more the Australian themed games and casinos. The best online casino Australia has also celebrated their nationality by trying to incorporate themes into their graphics. The best options have also been made while considering the kind of software that is provided by the online casinos. And so to have a great mind body and material experience, the best online casino Australia is for you and your luxuries.

Free Play Internet Casino

Land based casinos are the relative dinosaurs to the fledgling youths that are the new, modern, fast and efficient free play internet casino. Many people have grown tired of the outdated and sloppily run casinos and visiting places like Las Vegas simply to play a few rounds of for example Blackjack has become more hassle than it’s worth.

Travelling hundreds of miles and paying thousands of dollars to play a game of blackjack although it might make sense to you, it doesn’t really to me, especially when the once impressive service industry of the Las Vegas strip for example has become badly run, and unfriendly. Paying thousands of dollars to sleep in a tiny, overpriced hotel room, and having to endure rude and abrupt dealers is to me simply unacceptable. An Online Casino is more than capable of hosting over five hundred different types of casino games.

This to me is where a free play internet casino truly comes into its own, and in the past they were known as the second best choices, sub-standard alternatives to the mighty Las Vegas casinos. Now however a free play internet casino has become the bench mark, the one that all other casinos are now compared to, and it has achieved this iconic status by focusing on one thing, it’s most important commodity, its players.

Casinos, after all are a service industry, and make their money by providing a service that in the past nobody else could provide. This monopoly, if it can be called something, was enjoyed for many years, and as it is with all monopolies the people monopolising soon begin to focus on one thing and one thing only, money, and how they can get as much of it possible. If you like poker, you’ll LOVE video poker; you can play online and avoid those bustling land based casinos like the plague!

This has led them to slip up, they do not focus on the little man, the average Joe who only visits the casino a few times a year, they focus on the rich and the famous, the Rock Stars and the Royalty, those people who will spend millions upon millions in a casino every day, week or month. The free play internet casino however has only one focus, you, the little man who can now play at home.

The only people who enjoyed the full extent of the Las Vegas casinos hospitality were the ones that could afford it. With the free play internet casino however, everybody is the most important person, which means every single one of us can enjoy all the best benefits of the free play internet casino and not have to sell, our body parts or our children to do so…

General Casino Gambling FAQ

Can I make money from gambling?

Yes, you can. There are two legal ways you can win: By playing correct strategy for casino games that can be won, or by sheer luck. A lot of gambling – in fact, most gambling – is all about luck. You can go to a casino just to spin the slots a few times only to hit the jackpot on the first try. This is how many big winners win. But there are a few who strive to win at a steady rate using their skills and proper strategy.

Why does a casino let gamblers win?

If nobody ever wins in a casino, no one will play there any longer. So every good casino makes sure that the odds of their game are set up, so as to allow winners. But there will always be more losers than winners. Furthermore, the prizes the lucky ones take home are taken from those who aren’t so lucky.

What casino games can I win?

You can win anything with luck – we just can’t tell you when if at all.

Some casino games lend themselves to being won if played with strategy. Blackjack gives varying degrees of advantage to players depending on which strategy is used. The best players can get 1.5% edge over the house. A good dice roller in craps can get about a 5% edge. Baccarat is good and easy but there’s little strategy you can use. If you have a lot of money, playing in a progressive slot machine can get you the jackpot sooner or later and assure you a profit (since it keeps getting bigger). Poker like stud poker and hold’em poker are good because the best player there can win based on skill. But you have to win a lot to overcome the house commission in the pot. Odds in slots games vary and you have to find the loosest slots to play. Often progressive slots are tighter than regular ones. Keno is not a good game to play for profit. Neither is Caribbean stud nor Sic Bo.

I want to try gambling. Do I have to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

No! With the advent of online gambling, you can now visit a casino without ever leaving your home! Just choose from the many reputable and trustworthy casinos online. All you have to do is open an account, read the terms of agreement, deposit money and download or load the software to your computer. You can play from a wide variety of casino games any time, any day you want.

Online casinos have many advantages:

– Convenience. You never have to leave get dressed, leave home and book a flight and hotel room!
– Affordability. It costs less for online casinos to run their business, so they can offer games that “charge” less. You can find very low-cost poker rooms and slot games online that you won’t find in live casinos. It costs the casinos too much to host each game to be able to afford low-cost tables and games.
– High Payback. Online casinos offer better payout percentage to players than live casinos do. They can afford to because business is cheaper for them.
– Variety. You can pick from so many games in online casinos. And you can switch from among a dozen casinos as often as you want! You just can’t get this variety from a live casino!
So what else do you need to know? Play in an online casino now and start gambling – and winning more!

The Compulsive Gambler’s Perspectives

Finally, compulsive gambling lacks public awareness and understanding as a disorder.

Generally speaking, our culture lacks a vocabulary for recognizing, understanding, and explaining compulsive gambling as a disorder like the vocabulary that has developed over the past fifty years for alcoholism.

According to Richard Rosenthal and Loreen Rugle, who have treated compulsive gamblers, when compulsive gamblers seek treatment, they offer a variety of explanations for their gambling.

Understanding these explanations is crucial for developing a treatment plan. Compulsive gamblers need and desire spectacular success as a way of demonstrating their worth and gaining approval from others.

Anger and rebellion are other explanations they offer. When they are angry at someone, they gamble to punish the other person, with the expectation that the person will be humiliated when the gambler wins.

Part of the attraction of gambling is also that it is a way of expressing rebellious, anti-authority feelings.

Gambling is a way of gaining freedom from dependence on others. Some compulsive gamblers believe that if they could win enough to quit their job or get a divorce, they would no longer be subject to the whims of others.

Rosenthal and Rugle argue that compulsive gamblers often confuse potential financial independence with emotional independence from others.

Compulsive gamblers gamble in order to gain social acceptance. Many of them report feeling good when they get ‘perks’ when gambling in casinos.

They also enjoy a sense of kinship with other gamblers, bookies, and casino or track personnel because it makes them feel included and a part of something.

Gambling is also a way of escaping from painful or intolerable feelings. Rosenthal and Rugle describe this as a kind of ‘self-medication’, where gambling may function as an anti-depressant or to prolong and intensify the manic phase of bipolar (manic/depressive) disorder.

A final explanation for gambling has to do with competitiveness. Rosenthal and Rugle point out that compulsive gamblers are highly competitive.

Often as a result of trying to impress and please parents, competitiveness develops into a trait expressed in many situations. For some, gambling becomes a competitive activity in which losing is unacceptable or even unthinkable, and the potential for ‘chasing losses’ becomes enormous.

However, treatment involves changing compulsive gamblers’ lifestyle— helping them develop new interests, activities, and ways of thinking and behaving.

Since many compulsive gamblers use gambling as a way of escaping from problems encountered in their lives, they need to acquire new problem solving skills.

No single ‘one size fits all’ treatment exists for compulsive gambling. Treatment strategies are based on a variety of individual and group therapies and participation in gamblers Anonymous.