Free Play Internet Casino

Land based casinos are the relative dinosaurs to the fledgling youths that are the new, modern, fast and efficient free play internet casino. Many people have grown tired of the outdated and sloppily run casinos and visiting places like Las Vegas simply to play a few rounds of for example Blackjack has become more hassle than it’s worth.

Travelling hundreds of miles and paying thousands of dollars to play a game of blackjack although it might make sense to you, it doesn’t really to me, especially when the once impressive service industry of the Las Vegas strip for example has become badly run, and unfriendly. Paying thousands of dollars to sleep in a tiny, overpriced hotel room, and having to endure rude and abrupt dealers is to me simply unacceptable. An Online Casino is more than capable of hosting over five hundred different types of casino games.

This to me is where a free play internet casino truly comes into its own, and in the past they were known as the second best choices, sub-standard alternatives to the mighty Las Vegas casinos. Now however a free play internet casino has become the bench mark, the one that all other casinos are now compared to, and it has achieved this iconic status by focusing on one thing, it’s most important commodity, its players.

Casinos, after all are a service industry, and make their money by providing a service that in the past nobody else could provide. This monopoly, if it can be called something, was enjoyed for many years, and as it is with all monopolies the people monopolising soon begin to focus on one thing and one thing only, money, and how they can get as much of it possible. If you like poker, you’ll LOVE video poker; you can play online and avoid those bustling land based casinos like the plague!

This has led them to slip up, they do not focus on the little man, the average Joe who only visits the casino a few times a year, they focus on the rich and the famous, the Rock Stars and the Royalty, those people who will spend millions upon millions in a casino every day, week or month. The free play internet casino however has only one focus, you, the little man who can now play at home.

The only people who enjoyed the full extent of the Las Vegas casinos hospitality were the ones that could afford it. With the free play internet casino however, everybody is the most important person, which means every single one of us can enjoy all the best benefits of the free play internet casino and not have to sell, our body parts or our children to do so…