General Casino Gambling FAQ

Can I make money from gambling?

Yes, you can. There are two legal ways you can win: By playing correct strategy for casino games that can be won, or by sheer luck. A lot of gambling – in fact, most gambling – is all about luck. You can go to a casino just to spin the slots a few times only to hit the jackpot on the first try. This is how many big winners win. But there are a few who strive to win at a steady rate using their skills and proper strategy.

Why does a casino let gamblers win?

If nobody ever wins in a casino, no one will play there any longer. So every good casino makes sure that the odds of their game are set up, so as to allow winners. But there will always be more losers than winners. Furthermore, the prizes the lucky ones take home are taken from those who aren’t so lucky.

What casino games can I win?

You can win anything with luck – we just can’t tell you when if at all.

Some casino games lend themselves to being won if played with strategy. Blackjack gives varying degrees of advantage to players depending on which strategy is used. The best players can get 1.5% edge over the house. A good dice roller in craps can get about a 5% edge. Baccarat is good and easy but there’s little strategy you can use. If you have a lot of money, playing in a progressive slot machine can get you the jackpot sooner or later and assure you a profit (since it keeps getting bigger). Poker like stud poker and hold’em poker are good because the best player there can win based on skill. But you have to win a lot to overcome the house commission in the pot. Odds in slots games vary and you have to find the loosest slots to play. Often progressive slots are tighter than regular ones. Keno is not a good game to play for profit. Neither is Caribbean stud nor Sic Bo.

I want to try gambling. Do I have to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

No! With the advent of online gambling, you can now visit a casino without ever leaving your home! Just choose from the many reputable and trustworthy casinos online. All you have to do is open an account, read the terms of agreement, deposit money and download or load the software to your computer. You can play from a wide variety of casino games any time, any day you want.

Online casinos have many advantages:

– Convenience. You never have to leave get dressed, leave home and book a flight and hotel room!
– Affordability. It costs less for online casinos to run their business, so they can offer games that “charge” less. You can find very low-cost poker rooms and slot games online that you won’t find in live casinos. It costs the casinos too much to host each game to be able to afford low-cost tables and games.
– High Payback. Online casinos offer better payout percentage to players than live casinos do. They can afford to because business is cheaper for them.
– Variety. You can pick from so many games in online casinos. And you can switch from among a dozen casinos as often as you want! You just can’t get this variety from a live casino!
So what else do you need to know? Play in an online casino now and start gambling – and winning more!