Review: Circuit Scene Presents… Brazen Goods w/ GoldJacks & Hypnobeam @ The Lomax – 14.11.2012

Review: Circuit Scene Presents… Brazen Goods w/ GoldJacks / Hypnobeam @ The Lomax – 14.11.2012


It’s Wednesday night, and as punters are beginning to stir for another evening of excellent live music from Circuit Scene Promotions, it is business as usual for the hard working staff and owners of the Lomax who make every event with the venue a pleasure to be involved in. First to take the stage were scouse rockers Hypnobeam. Delivering a solid and pleasantly hard hitting set of fast paced riffs and melodies alongside textured song arrangements and powerful vocals. Their set is greatly received by those gathered here and it’s evident that they possess all the credentials to make an impact on the scene.

Next up, Manchester’s Gold Jacks take to the stage and instantly capture the room, diving headlong in to recent addition ‘Cold Heart Shakes’. It’s clear from the offset that they occupy the upper echelons of the recent blues rock influx on to the scene. Each song, whilst retaining a distinctive sound, is easily distinguishable due to the standard of hooks implemented to empower each song with its own shades and personality and consistently captivate an audience over their 30 minute time slot. Owing much to Jack White and Dan Auerbach’s modern reinvention of the American blues sound, each ear catching riff rolls from the fingertips with an invigorating confidence and an infectious sense fun. This spirit rubs off on the crowd as people relax in to the set. Nodding heads accompany tapping feet and locked eyes sweep the venue. Highlights of the set include the ever popular ‘Bend and Break’ kicking up the most movement from the crowd and the last song ‘Bleed Blue’ providing what may be their strongest tune to date with an instantly memorable rolling bass line over a classic sounding desert drenched riff. As they leave the stage to a hugely positive reaction it’s clear that the best is yet to come from these four stylish scamps and that is a very exciting prospect indeed.



Heading up the evening, and stealing the show, are Liverpool rockers Brazen Goods. As soon as they take the stage it’s clear in everything from the expressions of the members to their earth shattering back-line that you’re about to witness a brain beating event. Powering in to the opening riffs with a flurry of movement and presence it’s clear that you are witnessing a well-oiled unit; an ensemble of friends and passionate music lovers with years of experience under their belts and a product that they can be proud off. After the initial head rocking hit of guitars and pounding drums, attention is quickly drawn to vocalist Bruno Pinheiro (just one example of the brilliant names on offer in the line-up) as his vocals soar and he takes command of the stage with a confident yet infectious presence. Pacing around the stage like a master of his craft, he is a clear ‘front man’ and it’s enough for even the most non-committal of audience member to take notice and become swept up in the rocking melodies and catchy choruses of the bands material. Oh, and rocking material is what this band excels in.




All the stage presence and glorious vocals in the world would fall short if the songs failed to back up their outlook but it’s instantly clear that this band are brimming with musical substance; a refreshing alternative to the image driven bands currently flooding the local scene. The guitar section, Farid and The Barron dish out riff after riff after mother fucking riff of classic rock influenced, melody laced textures whilst bassist Darko thrashes around the stage with powerful, solid as a rock bass lines to form an uncompromising and captivating sound. Drummer, Goz, deserves a special mention for almost providing a show unto himself with a whirlwind of innovative and pounding drums, fist raising danceable beats and joyous rock n’ roll gurning; exposing a true love for his craft and a sprit that’s a pleasure to watch. Their sound recalls classic rock hay days of Guns n Roses and much overlooked 90’s mainstays Reef, but rather than relying on well-trodden ground to get by, the band inject many unexpected layers in to their sound to formulate their own, forward looking identity from the masters of the past. In some places the crunch of the guitars and melding rock melodies with pop sensibilities recalls classics by The Wildhearts and Therapy? whilst other sections recall the dance beats and grooves of Electric Six’s extensive catalogue and Finnish legends the Von Hertzen Brothers.


Overall, the set is a master class in entertainment and an explosion of great tunes; exactly what the local music scene needs. There is a sense that this band would excel just as well in front of thousands at a festival as they do here tonight in front of those gathered at the Lomax who braved the mid-week blues. As the set comes to an end there is not one unsatisfied punter in attendance. It’s a guarantee that these are a three bands you’ll be seeing a lot more of on the scene after tonight and it’s clear they will take this prospect in their stride.


Words: Christopher Carr




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